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Don't miss this one day exhibition at Anay's Gallery Prahaladnagar! Date: 8th March. Celebrate Women's day with them! Kaamchori stands for everything unique, different, one of a kind, “alag”, “hatke”! Handcrafted and styled according to contemporary designs and practical uses, their line is an eclectic mix of quirky, fun and stylish. Kaamchori as a concept evolved, as the name suggests, in doing kaamchori! We hate routine! Routine is boring, and their motto is to spice up your life, wardrobe and homes by adding a little kaamchori to it! Their products include home decor like cushion covers, lamps, coasters, trays etc to accessories like scarves, stoles, bags and travel kits to clothing like kaftans, capes and jackets. They design products themselves and fabrics are sourced from all across the country, whenever and wherever they travel. Hence no two designs will ever be the same. The lamps are handcrafted by using corrugated sheets, acrylic, paper and whatever fancies our imagination! Apart from being one of a kind and different, their products are very easy on the pocket. The range starts from as low as 250!! Currently they do not have a store, but are retailing online through facebook and via exhibitions around the country. Meanwhile visit the exhibition tomorrow to see their work! Facebook link is: Exhibition date: 8th March, 2015 at Anay’s Gallery, Prahladnagar. Time 11 a.m till 10 p.m Contact: 09687848453
Introducing "POP UP SHOWCASE" by HYPERBOLE ACCESSORIES and HUES OF SIDRAH, where for the first time they are also launching NIRJARA and BABULKAR'S. They present an amazing blend of costume jewelry, bags and apparels, at one gala showcase for everything you need this season, on 8-9 September, between 11 am to 8:30 pm, at Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden. The exhibit features; 1. Hyperbole Accessories Hyperbole Accessories was born out of the love for semi-precious stones and statement making jewelry. "Hyperbole" basically being a figure of speech means - "Exaggeration of small things", so is their jewelry! It is small yet statement making and powerful! The brand offers jewelry for every occasion. The jewelry that Hyperbole Accessories caters is costume jewelry - A fine mix of designer costume jewelry studded with semi-precious stones and detailed craftsmanship, All the pieces are hand made, there is a very interesting blend of the stones with different types of metal textures. Hyperbole Accessories is all about letting your jewelry do the talking. A little drama never killed nobody. Be bold. Be out there. Be Hyperbole 2. Hues of Sidrah A label with a nomadic design aesthetic. Threads, hues, dyes and a lot of swollen fingers build their raw designs. They extend themselves to tread the un-travelled to bring you outlandish designs, patterns and products. With an instinct driven inspiration, they are constantly a work in progress. 3. NIRJARA NIRJARA is an exquisite collection of new-age clothing inspired from the nature. They give a perfect combination of traditional Indian crafts blended with eye-catching Western colors and prints thus giving the garment a modern look within an Indian context. Each print is developed, strongly sourced from various patterns that mother nature beholds bringing a fresh look and feel. They believe each garment is a reflection of one's personality and therefore, every piece they make is unique and special. From Shirts to skirts, tops to trunks - They have a limited collection for men too! 4. Babulkar's Babulkar's is a very different and versatile concept, where they love all sorts of you; be it edgy, bold, feminine or quirky. A person’s true self are most important to be expressed and they create those expressions. There's the BOLD category for their statement makers, WHIMSICAL for their "out of the box" quirk lovers, MODISH for on the go workaholics who don't mind flaunting a little "me" while they mean business and finally the TEMPERATE who simply love to woo people with her poise and elegance. Don't miss out on this wonder of an exhibition for, it will be up for ONLY 2 DAYS. Cheers. Dates: 8-9 September Timings: 11 am to 8:30 pm Venue: Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden, Ahmedabad.
How about collecting those decor pieces or gifting those products which are innovatively created using common place products yet which stand out and are affordable? Xhama Patel, is an art teacher who creates amazing decor pieces and gifts using the concept of the best from waste. She would etch out a stunning home decor piece from a tyre or you may even find a painted lady or Buddha face created using just a plain bottle. You would find all of those magnetizing Xhama's creations at Anay Gallery on Monday, December 5, 2016 and buy them without a second thought! At the aforesaid exhibition, you would be able to choose the best works of Xhama, ranging from scrapbooks filled with photographs, heart-stirring cards, photo frames, wooden boxes, letter monograms and more. The best thing about Xhama's Creations is that they are handmade, customized and personalized in a beautiful way. In case you want to her to create something out of the box for you then do contact Xhama before this exhibition and she might as well process your request! In order to buy all things good and eccentric for your home, for gifting or for yourself, do visit the showcase by Xhama's Creations at Anay Gallery on coming Monday without fail, okay?