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Indulge your senses in a feast of beautiful color textures and radiant oppulence this season as MISSORI showcases fine silver jewelry and premium costume jewelry while COCOPINK has laid out wondrous outfits, in the form of a lovely exhibit, on 20-21 December, between 10 am to 8 pm, at Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden. Talking about their collection; MISSORI has come up with designs catering to the Christmas and New Year Party, while also keeping the Weddings in mind. You can get your hands on minimalistic contemporary designs in plain silver as well as with gemstones like Onyx, Lapis, Carnelian, Amethyst, Rose-Quartz, Chalcedony and many more. The designer label has also laid out never seen before enamelled Chandbaalis and unique shaped filigree Jhumkas, oxidised Big Jhumkas, kids’ jewelry, Silver plated Gift Articles, CZ Pearl studs, Earpins and peep-outs studs for the modern day women! While their wedding range boasts of sophisticated AD Necklace sets, Antique Necklace Sets, Bangles and much much more. More so, you can also get a Gift voucher worth Rs 200 on a purchase of Rs 2500 and a Gift voucher worth Rs 500 on a purchase of Rs 5000. To pair the lovely jewelry, COCOPINK presents a collection of Indo-western outfits, that is indeed a reflection of all that is elegant and spectacular, an endeavor to make each moment a treasure, each occasion a memory. The contemporary ethnic wear or more aptly put - 'Indo Western Wear' laid out by the brand offers a gloriously relaxed, and modified take on traditional Indian outfits in the form of a clothing line up, that is fittingly appropriate for different occasions and festivities. The collection laid has an classic Indian Form with eye-catching cuts and flawless silhouettes that bring a serene femininity to the attire with a perfect mixture of style, fashion and elegance; Simply radiating freshness in the styles that are a unique merger of Western and Traditional designs that are bound to suit your personality. With unique and elegant designs up for grabs, add a dash of spark to your day, by making your way down to the exhibition, setting you apart from the crowd with ease. Cheers. Dates: 20-21 December, 2015 Timings: 10 am to 8 pm Venue: Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden, Ahmedabad. Contact: MISSORI - Alpa Agarwal +91-9824520772 COCOPINK - Rinku Verma +91-9898873260
AZAH CREATIONS has organised a unique exhibition showcasing PAKISTANI WEAR on 23rd & 24th January (today & tomorrow) at Anay’s Gallery from 10am to 8pm. Azra has introduced us to a fabulous and elegant dress collection of Pakistani wear, designed for all ages. They are ready to wear dress for chic girls and stylish women. This embroidered collection consists of long dresses, lace work on sleeved and cut work used on the front side, leading to an attractive look along-with unique designs which are bound to be appreciated by you. That is why we, at CityShor are highlighting this one of a kind exhibition by Azah Creations. The collection has been decorated with charming & stunning, both soft & dark colours and despite being traditional are stitched keeping in check the latest trends as well. We hope you like this collection once you go through the photographs and pay them a visit at the said venue because we thoroughly loved it. Cheers. Dates: 23rd & 24th January Timings: 10am to 8pm Venue: Anay’s Gallery, Besides Studio Vintage, Pushpak Center, Opp. Prahaladnagar Garden, Anand Nagar, Ahmedabad Contact: Azra +91-9925683400
Facing a block when it comes to sprucing up your wardrobe? Why not add a touch of green? Head down to Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden, this 11th & 12th September, between 11 am to 8:30 pm, to discover HORTUS NURSERY GARDEN, showcasing the most unusual stuff for your Garden, Porch & patio, Balconies & Windows, Walls & Railings and even bathrooms. The exhibit features; 1. Indoor Plants; That bring nature indoor, all year around in the form of beautiful varieties. It goes without saying that if plants are going to enter our homes they need to have a degree of attractiveness to them, we want something which enhances a room not detracts from it. Plants not only make rooms look more attractive but they can make places more inviting and pleasing to live or work in, ultimately creating a more calming and harmonious environment. 2. Pot & Planters; You can grow your favourite ornamental & flowering plants anywhere by planting them in beautiful pots & planters that enhance beauty of your interior or exterior space. Container gardening allows you to garden anywhere! Discover their range of ceramic, fiber , metal, plastic & terracotta finishes for all uses. 3. Yard & Garden Decor; Discover unique and whimsical garden decorations – show off your style and add the finishing touches to your Yard & Garden. Select from their unique range of garden decor products to bring delight to every nook and corners of your space. 4. Plants' Display Stands; Indoor and outdoor plant stands literally do the heaving lifting for your favorite plants and flowers. They present the most beautiful arrangements in grand style. You don't want to place something so pretty on the floor or have it surrounded on a shelf. A plant stand allows your flowers and plans to stand free and proud. Their metal & powder coated stands lasts for years and looks great on the porch or patio in balcony & terrace or the living room. With elegance awaiting you for ONLY 2 DAYS, what's there to wait huh? Cheers. Dates: 11-12 September Timings: 11 am to 8:30 pm Contact: +91-9825082204
Don't miss this one day exhibition at Anay's Gallery Prahaladnagar! Date: 8th March. Celebrate Women's day with them! Kaamchori stands for everything unique, different, one of a kind, “alag”, “hatke”! Handcrafted and styled according to contemporary designs and practical uses, their line is an eclectic mix of quirky, fun and stylish. Kaamchori as a concept evolved, as the name suggests, in doing kaamchori! We hate routine! Routine is boring, and their motto is to spice up your life, wardrobe and homes by adding a little kaamchori to it! Their products include home decor like cushion covers, lamps, coasters, trays etc to accessories like scarves, stoles, bags and travel kits to clothing like kaftans, capes and jackets. They design products themselves and fabrics are sourced from all across the country, whenever and wherever they travel. Hence no two designs will ever be the same. The lamps are handcrafted by using corrugated sheets, acrylic, paper and whatever fancies our imagination! Apart from being one of a kind and different, their products are very easy on the pocket. The range starts from as low as 250!! Currently they do not have a store, but are retailing online through facebook and via exhibitions around the country. Meanwhile visit the exhibition tomorrow to see their work! Facebook link is: Exhibition date: 8th March, 2015 at Anay’s Gallery, Prahladnagar. Time 11 a.m till 10 p.m Contact: 09687848453
Showcasing one of the most unique and beautiful collection of Clothing, Traditional Clutches, Handbags, and Jewellery, that too at a festive DISCOUNT of upto 50%; NAIKSHAS - A Brand by Chinmay & Priyanka, brings forth a Rakshabandhan Special Exhibition only for TODAY (23rd August), between 10 am to 8 pm, at Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden. The exhibit offers a wide range of One-Piece Dresses, Skirts, Traditional Wear, Pallazos, Jackets, Shrugs and hoards more for you to adorn just about anywhere. May it be a casual day at work or a family get-together in the evening, their outfits can be graced with ease. Accessorizing an outfit for NAIKSHAS is as easy as 2+2 for, their Traditional Clutches not only go with ditto wear but, can be carried in elan with any dress as well for a glorious Indo-Western Fusion; and don't get us started on their lovely array of Handbags. Covering all the bases; Jewellery awaits you as well to complete a stunner of an appeal. With less than a week to go for Rakshabandhan and with upto 50% DISCOUNT up for grabs, high time you picked out the best of gifts, to avoid your beloved sister's ire. Cheers. Date: 23rd August Timings: 10 am to 8 pm Venue: Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden, Ahmedabad. More so, if you can't make your way down to the exhibition, being an Online supplying brand all over the world, you could always order from NAIKSHAS via; -Facebook: -Whatsapp/Call: +91-9825390140 -Email:…/rakhi-special-exhibition-cum-sal…/
Introducing "POP UP SHOWCASE" by HYPERBOLE ACCESSORIES and HUES OF SIDRAH, where for the first time they are also launching NIRJARA and BABULKAR'S. They present an amazing blend of costume jewelry, bags and apparels, at one gala showcase for everything you need this season, on 8-9 September, between 11 am to 8:30 pm, at Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden. The exhibit features; 1. Hyperbole Accessories Hyperbole Accessories was born out of the love for semi-precious stones and statement making jewelry. "Hyperbole" basically being a figure of speech means - "Exaggeration of small things", so is their jewelry! It is small yet statement making and powerful! The brand offers jewelry for every occasion. The jewelry that Hyperbole Accessories caters is costume jewelry - A fine mix of designer costume jewelry studded with semi-precious stones and detailed craftsmanship, All the pieces are hand made, there is a very interesting blend of the stones with different types of metal textures. Hyperbole Accessories is all about letting your jewelry do the talking. A little drama never killed nobody. Be bold. Be out there. Be Hyperbole 2. Hues of Sidrah A label with a nomadic design aesthetic. Threads, hues, dyes and a lot of swollen fingers build their raw designs. They extend themselves to tread the un-travelled to bring you outlandish designs, patterns and products. With an instinct driven inspiration, they are constantly a work in progress. 3. NIRJARA NIRJARA is an exquisite collection of new-age clothing inspired from the nature. They give a perfect combination of traditional Indian crafts blended with eye-catching Western colors and prints thus giving the garment a modern look within an Indian context. Each print is developed, strongly sourced from various patterns that mother nature beholds bringing a fresh look and feel. They believe each garment is a reflection of one's personality and therefore, every piece they make is unique and special. From Shirts to skirts, tops to trunks - They have a limited collection for men too! 4. Babulkar's Babulkar's is a very different and versatile concept, where they love all sorts of you; be it edgy, bold, feminine or quirky. A person’s true self are most important to be expressed and they create those expressions. There's the BOLD category for their statement makers, WHIMSICAL for their "out of the box" quirk lovers, MODISH for on the go workaholics who don't mind flaunting a little "me" while they mean business and finally the TEMPERATE who simply love to woo people with her poise and elegance. Don't miss out on this wonder of an exhibition for, it will be up for ONLY 2 DAYS. Cheers. Dates: 8-9 September Timings: 11 am to 8:30 pm Venue: Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden, Ahmedabad.
Aaaaand the most awaited & loved festival of Dance and Music is around the corner once again! Dancing to the beats till the clock strikes 4 but, dancing plain is no fun, while dancing glamorously is what attracts the pretty girls in town and presenting such glamorous outfits for you to adorn this Navratri, HELI KUSUMGAR is all set with an exhibition on 20th September (Sunday), between 10:30 am to 8:30 pm, at Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden. This time out, the designer introduces URBAN DESI - Such is the embroideries to the fabrics, and even the silhouettes that displays the traditions and cultures of Gujarat. Expressing her personal love for the festival, Urban Desi is the right choice to outshine the rest of the crowd. The highlight of the collection is applique work on chaniyas and long blouses. You can also flaunt the uniquely designed palazzos during the gala time. To match your dancing steps with style, mirror work accessories and beautifully designed Latkans shall be the most eye catching ensembles of the evening! The name Urban Desi goes well with the collection because it is designed for the fashionable girls who prefer comfortable yet designer clothes and at the same time it has a desi touch of Gujarat. More so, Heli has also come up with Navratri Wear for your kids, or should we say Desi Tiny Tots thus, making sure that there is something for everyone at her wonder of an exhibit, that will be up for ONLY ONE DAY. Cheers. Date: 20th September (Sunday) Timings: 10:30 am to 8:30 pm Venue: Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden. Contact: +91-9925123577
NAIKSHAS is back this season with their exhibit of a Vibrant Navratri Collection that is unprecedented to say the least, all on 25th (TODAY) & 26th (TOMORROW) September, between 10 am to 8 pm, at Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden. 'DIFFERENT IS BEAUTIFUL' - That is what Naikshas-Art Gallery & Dessert Hub stands for and rightly so for, the collection laid out is unlike your regular, shiny, Chaniya Cholis; rather it is something completely unique, completely different, more colourful, more vibrant and most importantly - pocket friendly! Dancing being the 'key focus', the dresses laid out will help you do just that for, they are not at all heavy ensuring comfort; After all, that has always been their forte. Along-with comfort, they newest designs on the block, boast of vibrant hues that merge the traditional with the contemporary, forming a wondrous fusion. Promising something new every time you make your way in, the 2 Day Exhibit by NAIKSHAS, indeed calls for your earliest visit. Cheers. Dates: 25-26 September Timings: 10 am to 8 pm Venue: Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden, Ahmedabad. Contact: +91-9825390140 To order online or to browse through more designs, you can follow them on Facebook:… Email:
Dressing impeccably never hurt anyone, so why hold back? Indulge in a unique shopping experience this festive season designed and crafted specially for you in the form of SAMARIA by Sonali Chokshi; displaying her glorious collection on 27th September (Sunday), between 10:30 am to 7:30 pm, at Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden. Bask in the collection of Ghaghra Cholis, Dresses and trendy Ethnic Wear, created from the best of fabrics in Georgette, Mal, Gaji and Chanderi. Find the ideal poise to trend and elegance as SAMAIRA brings to you its range of Ghaghra Cholis with a hint of fusion. With Florals, Shiboris and Abstracts, you are provided with plenty of options to choose from. Draped in upbeat designs, fresh hues, colours and the most singular of styles, you are sure to be told apart from the crowd. Heads turning your way while you flaunt those Gherdaar Chaniyas and a-la-mode Cholis, who wouldn’t love that? Well, we too would love it for you! So, head down and be a part of SAMAIRA'S Exhibition and treat yourself before the festivities kick in! Date: 27th September Timings: 10:30 am to 7:30 pm Venue: Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden, Ahmedabad. Contact: +91-9898089251